Smart Tracer

Smart Tracer 

Smart Tracer is a mobile app that allows the production data of machines or plants operating in an industrial environment to be monitored remotely using cloud technology.

It can display information from one or more machines that publish production data on databases.


The following are displayed for each connected machine:
• Connection status
• Active machine status
• Programme being executed
• OEE Index

SELECTIONS • Machine production data
• Production period
• User management
STATISTICS Pie charts of:
• Statistics for the selected period
• Total amount of time in each status for the selected period
PRODUCTION Sequential list of production orders for the selected period:
• Production order code and program
• Order execution start date/time
• Production duration
• Number of pieces produced
• Distribution of pieces produced per day
• Time distribution in relation to machine statuses
EVENTS • Descrizione evento
• Codice ordine di produzione e programma in esecuzione al verificarsi dell’evento
• Event description
• Production order code and program in use when the event occurred
• Event start date/time
• Duration of the event
• The number of times the event occurred and how long it lasted in total for each day in the selected period


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