Machine Assistant

Smartwatch app


Smartwatch app

Machine Assistant is an application for smartwatches that makes it possible to send remote commands to the control unit of a machine.   The various stages of production can be managed using predefined voice commands, which makes functional processes easier for operators. All kinds of machines or systems can have a set of voice commands tailored to specific needs.


The Machine Assistant manages:

• Voice commands

• Custom measurement

• General settings


There are three icons in the voice command interface:

Connection status:

• Wi-Fi device disabled;
• No Internet connection;
• No connection to the machine;
• Connection established.


Machine status:
• Current state of the machine (idle, manual, automatic, etc.)


Smartwatch status:
• Page on which the smartwatch is displayed (voice commands, measurement, settings)


The name of the programme that is currently being used on the machine is also displayed.


Voice Commands


The voice command interface is the main function and is instantly available when launching the app. Once connected to the machine, voice commands can be sent and visual and audio feedback is given indicating that the command has been sent correctly. Images can also be seen on the smartwatch display, and the machine can send them to the operator to assist in production management. The machine can even send alarm messages or alerts to the smartwatch, which appear on the display in real time in the dedicated area.




The app can manage machine-specific functions. By programming and using the integrated sensors, this action can be customised according to the type of machining and the machine being used, for example to measure the bend angle.