REM software & automation

REM Software & automation was founded in 2002 to meet the need, by manufacturers of automatic machines, to achieve complete integration between the electromechanical design and software design that governs the plants.

As result od constant growing and success, today REM  Software & Automation has more than 30 employers, everyone expert in software design and engineering

What do we do

REM Software & automation develops application software in various industrial fields:

– Automated warehouses
– Machines and plants for the ceramic industry
– Machines and plants for the food industry
– Dosing machines and plants
– Glass processing machines
– Woodworking machines
– Sheet metal forming machines
РMontaclichè machines
– Plants for the packaging sector
– Plants for processing fruit and vegetables

The application software mainly developed in Microsoft environment (Visual C ++, Visual C #, Visual Basic) concern different issues of the world of industrial automation:

– Human machine operator interfaces
– Plant supervision
– Database interfacing for synchronization between automation devices and management software
– Sequence optimizers for palletizing, glass cutting, wood cutting
– Interface of devices (barcode reader, printers, cameras, …)
– Vision applications
– Development of drivers for communication with PLC or numerical controls
– Development of firmware on dedicated electronic boards

For an overview of the applications, see the Products section

REM Software develops applications on the main Industrial PLC, Numerical Controls, Robots:

Industrial PLCs

– Siemens S7
– Omron
– Allen Bradley
– Moeller
– Telemecanique
– Saia


– Siemens
– Esautomotion
– Tex Computer
– Sipro


– Abb
– Kuka
– Fanuc

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